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Petr Řehák-2

Has anybody been developing Qt applications in Qt Creator? I should be
involved in this development for our company and I am finding this IDE
hardly usable for productive work.

My main issues:
- Whenn reading source code in the editor by arrow keys, Orca suddenly stops
reading and remains silent when moving around. I can work around this
problem by pressing ALT to get to the menu bar and pressing it again to
return to the editor, then again when it occurs the next time. Very
- If an error occurs during building a project, an error message is
displayed in the Issues window (or pane). I can't get to this window except
via the Orca's flat review and by clicking on the error list item. Orca,
however, can't read any text in this item, it just announces "list item".
The only way to get to the error message is to open a context menu of the
item, select Copy to copy it to the clipboard, then paste it somewhere and
make Orca read it (there might be a command to announce clipboard contents
which I could assign a keyboard shortcut).

Outside Qt Creator, I am also finding Orca stop reading when moving the
focus onto the GNOME top bar where it does not announce items such as
Accessibility, System etc., only subitems are announced after I press the
Down arrow. I am stating this as it might be related to the Qt Creator issue
in the text editor, I don't know. Otherwise Orca is good at navigating the
GNOME Shell, Nautilus etc.

I am using Ubuntu 17.10 with GNOME and Orca 3.26. I am mainly a Windows user
but have to use Linux at work for our development.

Any clue, please? Thank you for any ideas.

Best regards,

Petr Řehák

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